Thunderscape: The Cogswheel Irregulars

Cistern Station

Mayhem at Cistern

At Cogswheel Station four mercenaries show up to become Irregulars. They are sent to see Shara, who tells them about the current bounties. Cresstresser Talghetti wanted to go to Cistern because he felt the Ratling problem was a threat to many people. The rest had no particular concerns and went with his idea.

When they arrived they were greeted by an old beggar named Nebbin. He enthusiastically led them along. They came within sight of the Cistern Station and Old Nebbin became nervous. They saw two elves were looting it and a guard was tied up in the street. They approached slowly while Castor snuck down a side street. The elves saw them and told them to stop. When they did not, the elves opened fire. Castor took one out with a shot from his sniper rifle. Dieterich moved in and hit the other in the shoulder with a shot from his pistol, but took an arrow to the chest in return. He collapsed to the street, bleeding heavily.

Two more thugs with axes came out of the station at the sound of the commotion. Ling-feng Tsung charged at the gang leader, Ruck, leaping over Dieterich to close the distance, but found his attack parried. Ruck struck at an opening with his great ax that cut deep into Ling. Castor crept around again as the wounded archer made way to the steamwagon. Castor got a good shot in on Ruck as Cress engaged with Ruck and his thug. The cowardly gang fled for the steamwagon and drove off rather than fight to the death.

Castor and Cress gathered up their fallen comrades. Castor bit through Sam’s ropes and then went to fetch Nebbin. After thanking them, Sam fetched a healing wand. Castor was able to use it after some trouble to heal Ling and Dieterich They went in cistern station to discuss the situation.

Sam explained to Cress and Ling that the other guards had gone to search the sewers and that he had been left back to go for help if they did not return. He admitted that he did not know if there was any help really to be had though. Cress told him that they would rest through the night and go search for them if they did not return.



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