Thunderscape: The Cogswheel Irregulars

The Worg's Camp

Debt Collection

With their new information in hand, the group headed across the city. Cresstresser Talghetti made some inquiries about a scroll to protect from Gor’s magmaxe, but figured the one he had in mind was to much of a specialty item to find in good time. He did stop to buy a ready harness to help hold his gear in place. They also talked about what they knew of Fort Freedom and their plan of action.

When they arrived at Fort Freedom, Cress spoke for the party about why they were there with the owner, Griselda. She was reticent at first, but did give in once Ling-feng Tsung added his voice. She told them that Gor and his men had been there two days before and since then her guards had seen smoke about three miles away on the northern horizon. When Cress thanked her for the information she happily suggested that the group come in to “relax” before going off on a dangerous mission.

Dieterich was the first to speak up in favor and the others got Cress to relent. Inside they found the ladies waiting and eager to please. Cress had to have a few drinks before he was ready, but soon they were all have a good time, though Dieterich had better than most.

Relaxed and ready to go, they headed deeper into the barren Urbana Countryside. Scouting ahead, Castor spotted the Worg’s camp. They had built a small watch tower by a cave. They came up with a plan for Ling and Cress to go to the west while Dieterich came in from the east with Castor providing cover. The plan might have worked except for Dieterich stepped on a brittle twig that alerted the guard in the tower.

Cress and Ling set up a defensive line to meet Gor and his worg, Precious. Dieterich continued his advance on the tower, exchanging shots with the man taking cover up there. Castor worked to maintain cover fire until one of the jurak moved in close. He went in with his bite and severed the man’s femoral artery then bit through his shin.

Precious tried to bite Cress, but he blocked the massive canine with his shield while Ling tried to shoot the approaching golemoid. Gor moved in and dug a furrow into the ground trying to cleave into Ling. Cress tried to smash Gor with his flail as he assaulted Ling with no luck, but was able to catch him on the come around. Ling opened himself to attack by trying to disarm Gor. While he could not catch the blade in his seven branch sword, he was able to use his second sight to maneuver Gor where Cress could bash him with his flail. Unfortunately, he was unable to dodge Gor’s strike and took a nasty cut. Still injured from earlier, he went down hard.
As Precious went in for an attack on Cress, Castor rushed in and bit deep into the worg’s side. The wounded worg rounded on the ferran and bit him hard, shook, and dropped the injured sniper to the ground. Gor cut into Cress as he moved to help Castor. Castor attempted to kip up, but was caught on the worg’s jaws. Cress was able to smash Precious hard in the side of the head, tearing off an ear with his flail, but Castor was left unconscious on the ground. Cress now had two enemies to deal with alone and badly injured.

Dieterich, seeing that his firefight with the jurak in the tower was not going anywhere, rushed to Cress’s aid. He shot Precious and tormented it with his dark power. The torment prevented the worg from being able to bite Cress. Cress put everything into his defense and caught a heavy blow from Gor on his shield. He cracked open the worg’s skull with his flail, enraging Gor. Dieterich shot Gor, even as he was being shot in the back from the man he had left behind. The enraged Gor swung hard at Cress who was able to duck his attack. With to much power behind the attack, Gor lost his grip on his magmaxe and it landed on the ground.

Cress smashed Gor hard in the face while Dieterich shot him in the gut, taking down the massive warrior even as he dodge a backstab by the last mercenary. Cress and Dieterich turned on the last jurak. The warrior refused to yield or flee, so they took him down quickly.

With the battle over, they turned their attention to their wounded comrades. Cress drug Castor and Ling to the cave the mercenaries had been using while Dieterich started tending to them. He also drug the still bleeding Gor to the cave and started to search the body, finding a healing potion.



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