Thunderscape: The Cogswheel Irregulars

Sewer Escort

Stolen Property

Aella Velrose led the group to a sewer enterance. After a bit they all realized they were being led on an unecisarly circuitous rout. When Cress pointed it out, she admitted that it was intentional in an attempt to keep them from learning the path used by the Ghosts of Columbey. With her ruse a failure, she led them straight on.

They came to a ward they needed to pass through, but Aella was unable to lower it. Castor was able to neutralize it long enough for them to pass through though. As soon as they were passed, though, they heard disturbing cackling.

A trio of cacklers attacked them, the horrid laughing unnerving them all. Ling-feng Tsung nearly tripped Cress in the chaos. Dieterich and Cress wounded one deeply. Aella brought forth light to aid in the fight while her golem helped finish the monster off. Ling jumped into the muck to help Castor fight off the cacklers that were surrounding him. Castor was had pressed and knocked down, but the others rushed to his aid and took down another. Dieterich rushed around to flank the final one. He tormented the monster before cutting deep into its back while Cress caved its head in.

With that taken care of it was only a short time before they were out of the sewers and outside the city. At an old farm house they were greeted by a group of Ghosts. Aella paid them a generous reward for their help. She hoped that they would aid her again in the future.

The next day Deiterich, Castor, and Ling went to explain to Commander Shara Thale that they had failed the mission. Dieterich was elected to talk to her because of his silver tongue. He spun the story so that she had no doubt of the truth. Of course, she was still quite upset by their failure. Dieterich was less diplomatic about that. He gave her a rude gesture and walked out.

Castor rushed in to try and fix what Dieterich had done. There was no calming the irate Commander. She handed him the writ for another mission, one that several other groups had already turned down and told him to leave.



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