Thunderscape: The Cogswheel Irregulars

The Investigation

Missing Girl

The group headed for the merchant quarter. They arrived at the shop of Gelvan Stonecleave. He explained that his adopted daughter, Ircine had disappeared from her room two nights before. Cresstresser Talghetti questioned him in depth as they went up to search her room. He learned that she had been seeing a young man named Darius. Ling-feng Tsung found her diary.

The diary had increasingly erratic writings about “they have found me again.” Another passage reads “I’m afraid I’ll have to move us again. The last time, I almost ruined daddy. I can’t do that to him again, not when I’ve almost fixed things and gotten people to buy his work again.” Gelvan had no idea what she meant. He had made the choice to move to Mekanus and she had no part in his business. Cress asked if maybe she meant her real father and Glevan took not to kindly to it.

With the room searched, they went to the smithy where Darius was employed. The owner, Laeric, was not interested in talking to them, but did let search his room. They found a hole under a loose floor board. The only thing left in it though was a badge of the Eye. With no more information available they went to search for more clues.

As they stepped out onto the street an urchin came running up to them. He handed them a letter that a man had told him to give for them. Castor checked it for anything untoward before they read it. The letter told them that Ircine had been taken by a dark creature that was not as he seemed and was being held in a warehouse down by the docks. They found it suspicious, but had no other lead to follow.

As they headed for the docks, they stopped for some healing potions. Drinking them down, they noticed that they were being followed by cloaked figures. They ducked down an ally to confront the two following them. They revealed that they were agents of the Eye and they were investigating possible corrupted activity on the part of Gelvan. They told the party that they should drop the case. Cress showed them the badge they had found as he tried to get information out of them. They were surprised to see it, but demanded they hand it over as evidence. The agents were not cooperative and finally left, giving the group a final warning.

They continued on until they found the warehouse. The front door was boarded up along with the windows, but they found another door at the back. Castor was able to pick the lock, but missed the trap on the door that set off an alarm. When they opened the door they found Darius in armor with his sword raised. Next to him was Ircine with a bag over her head.

He demanded to know who they were and they told him that they were from the Irregulars. He in turn told them that he was an agent of the Eye and was attempting to purify a corrupted. They argued with him about what he was doing. He said that she had powers to bend people’s will and had tried to do just that to him. Cress was convinced that he was up to something more sinister.

Ling was able to finally convince the young man to let him talk to the girl while everyone else plugged their ears to keep her from enchanting them. He removed her hood and calmed the girl down. She told that it was true that she had used her powers to try and increase her father’s business because she had used them to convince him to move to this city. She was fleeing the Darkfall cult that had originally preformed the horrid rites on her as a child to give her the powers.

Darius was shocked by the truth and said he would free her. He agreed to help her and her father escape the city, so long as she promised not to enchant him again. Just then, the Eye started smashing the door in. Darius asked the party to help with the escape. They worked to barricade the door, but the Eye quickly broke through. Dieterich fired a deft shot that glanced along the helmet of the hippo ferran that was leading the raid. He was stunned and blocked the other agents from easy access.

Everyone made good on their escape with no real injuries. They quickly made it back to Gelvan’s shop and his daughter explained the truth to him. He took it well and agreed to leave the city with her and Darius. As they prepared their escape, Darius told the group that the Eye would not likely take direct action against them for their transgression, but they would not likely forget what had happened.

They then parted company with the trio, convinced they had made the right choice. They determined to meet up the next day at the Cogsweel Station. First, though, Ling paid a wizard to cast a prestidigitation on them to remove the last of the sewer smell.



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