Thunderscape: The Cogswheel Irregulars

Through the Sewer

Mayhem at Cistern

Dieterich spent the evening tending to everyone’s wounds. He even used the last charge from the wand on Cresstresser Talghetti. In the morning the rest of the militia had not returned. Before going into the sewers, the group felt they needed to be more recovered so they found a shop to buy healing scrolls. Working together, Dieterich and Castor were able to use one on Cress, but had no luck on Ling-feng Tsung.

They had Sam Jetsam lead them to where the sergeant led the others in. Ling took up a torch and they entered the filthy realm. After half an hour they found the results of a fight. Two guards and three Ratlings were laying dead in the sewer in a mess of blood. Cress went to investigate and set off a trap connected to the body of a guard. It caused an alarm to sound that echoed through the sewers. Ling reminded the others that they needed the ratling’s tails to collect the bounty.

The party continued on through the winding sewer maze. They finally thought they had found the ratling lair when they saw a glimmer of light up ahead. However, the ratlings were waiting in alcoves to ambush them. All but Castor spotted them before the attack and tried to pull free their weapons.

The ratlings launched their attack, but found the party easily able to repel most of them. The huge panther ferran named Mangler was the true threat. The savage brute knocked chunks out of the wall with his fists as he attacked Cress. The others quickly finished the other rattlings and joined with Cress to take down the brute. It was Dieterich that landed the killing blows to Mangler’s spine and neck with his kukri.

In a collapsed basement the party found Sergeant Iacob Blightwater and his brother bound and tortured. They helped the two grateful dwarves limp out of the sewer and collected the dead soldiers along the way. Iacob was surprised to see they had a ferran among their group.

The party returned to spend the night at the Cistern Station. Rested and cleaned up they returned to Cogswheel Station for their bounty. They were pleasantly surprised to find that Iacob had already sent a letter commending them to Shara. She asked them to choose another mission and they agreed to investigate the disappearance of a young woman. The commander showed some small pleasure at their choice and sent them on their way.



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