The Eye serves Lord Urbane as his secret police and inquisitors. They hunt out corrupted, nocturnals, and other agents of the Darkfall’s influence wherever they appear. Eye agents painstakingly document all known incidents of nocturnal and corrupted activity. They search tirelessly for any sort of pattern, in hopes that one day they might understand the true nature of the Darkfall and combat it directly. In the meantime, they are the unrivaled experts in Darkfall lore. Whenever a particularly deadly Darkfall incursion occurs in Urbana, agents of the Eye will be there to observe the situation and lend their advice. They also sometimes operate in other nations, when a particularly dire situation merits their attention.

Agents of the Eye have been granted special authority in the case of corrupted, and are empowered to arrest and interrogate any individuals suspected of conspiring with the Darkfall. Their tendency to wield this authority without apology or explanation has earned them a dark reputation in the lands of Urbana. Official agents of the Eye are feared, even by other members of the Urbanan military, as officially only Lord Urbane himself is above their scrutiny.

They are also in tasked with monitoring other threats to the state. This includes dissidents and rebels such as the Ghosts of Columbey. They put pressure on anyone that speaks out against Lord Urbane and his rule. While they do not generally take an interest in mundane crime, they will if it it presents a threat to the nation as a whole.

As it is the duty of the Eye to study and understand the Darkfall, these reclusive inquisitors are always curious in regards to new forms of nocturnals and corrupted. If anyone, including Cogswheel Irregulars, believe they have encountered an undocumented type of nocturnal, they can deliver it to the Eye in the hopes of an additional reward. While it is not very common to show the Eye something they haven’t seen (or, at the very least, for them to admit they haven’t seen it), they appreciate such efforts and will likely give the party some token payment. Naturally this depends, in large part, on how thoroughly
the party has curried the Eye’s favor.


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