Thunderscape: The Cogswheel Irregulars

Living Arrangements

Debt Collection

As they rested for the night, Dieterich treated Castor and Ling-feng Tsung’s injuries. While still unconscious, Ling had a vision of an eye watching him and the others. By morning, and after using their supply of healing potions, they were all fit to walk back the city. They made a litter to carry the still unconscious Gor back with them.

Arriving in the middle of the afternoon, they handed Gor over to the authorities to be dealt with. Cresstresser Talghetti and Ling went to sell the loot and buy some potions, while Dieterich stayed to further tend to Castor at Cogswheel Station. Ling sought out a temple to finish his healing.

When they met in the evening, Ling told the others that he had a feeling that the Eye was watching them. They all agreed that was likely. Everyone said they would be careful, then went their separate ways for the night.

When Cress arrived home, he found his family out on the street, his mother in tears. They had been evicted from the apartment they were renting. Soon after, Castor and Dieterich arrived. They had been kicked out of the inn they were staying at and had hoped to find shelter at Cress’s for the night. With no other good options in mind, they elected to leave the city and use the Worg’s cave as shelter for the night.

In the morning, after little sleep, Cress and Castor returned to Mekanus with Cress’s younger brothers in tow. They found Ling sleeping at the station. He had been living at a flop house, but had felt things were not right their and wanted somewhere safer for the night.

Cress’s first stop was to convince the mage that had taken on his brothers to allow them to continue their apprenticeship. After that, the three of them combed Smoketown for someplace to stay. They found a run down tenement in a bad neighborhood that they could stay at for an exuberant price. Ling had ended up shooting a dire rat that had made a nest in one of the rooms. They then spent the rest of the day moving Cress’s family in. After that they settled in for a much needed, but fitful rest.



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