Cresstresser Talghetti

Super intelligent, driven by honor and duty


Arbiter 1
HP: 13
Speed 30ft, 20ft in medium armor
Init: +2
AC: 21, Touch 12, Flat-footed 19
Str 14, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 18, wis 12, Cha 8
Saves: Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +4

I’m playing this guys personality as a cross between Robert Downy Juniors Sherlock Holmes and Temperance Brennan from Bones. He is extremely intelligent and perceptive, but it kind of alienates him from less intelligent people. He is a good person at heart, and wishes to use his smarts to better those around him, hence why he will constantly correct home someone speaks or offers facts to disproves someones opinion on something.


Cresstresser Talgetti
Arbiter 1

Cresstresser Talghetti, or Cress as he prefers, is a young elven Arbiter from Carraway. He lived nearly his entire life in the country where the way of the arbiter is strong. His father was a Justice in service to the High clerics, and when he was home from his missions, would instruct Cress in the ways of the Arbiter. He instilled in Cress a devotion to duty, honor, chivalry, and humility, but failed to ingrain the religious devotion of much of the country. Cress never understood the fanaticism and zealotry his father and other arbiters showed to forces they could not see or hear or touch. Cress found himself to be a more grounded individual, focusing on things he could understand and interact with. He took to the perceptive arts of the arbiters and began to teach himself to “read”people, to pick up on subtle clues in body language and appearance that he could tell him more. It became nearly impossible to lie to Cress about anything, and his perceptiveness came off as snobbish and know-it-all, making him unliked by his peers.

His father, along with many other arbiters, were killed during the rise of the nocturnals after the Darkfall. His family was given every honor, as he died in defense of the homeland. Feeling obligated, Cress joined the ranks of the arbiters as early as was legal. He excelled at rooting out the nocturnals and their minions in his homeland. Indeed, he always felt more alive when he was on mission, far from the eyes of the clerics and other religious officials he had to report to. After many years of service, Cress finally became disillusioned by the whole religious attitude of his country and decided to leave. Not one to abandon his family, his mother and three siblings, he uprooted them and brought them across the continent to settle in Urbana, where he hopes to get work as a watchman, putting his arbiter skills to work as a detective. His mother and sister,who is only a few years his junior, plan to get work as seamstresses.

Cress is a tall and stately elf. He is 6’1” with a whip-like physique and broad shoulders. His muscles are honed by hours of swordplay and his mind is honed by hours of games, such as chess and dominoes. He has long platinum blonde hair that reaches to his shoulder-blades, but often keeps it woven into smaller braids to keep it out of his face. He has typical elven features; almond shaped steel grey eyes, a thin nose, and high cheek bones. He is fairly attractive, but his personality is off putting. The way he reads people constantly can unnerve or embarrass them, and his superior intellect and broad vocabulary means he often speaks over peoples heads. He is also very outspoken against religion, stating facts where people choose to believe otherwise. He has a battered kite shield he brought from Carraway, complete with the sigil of that country, but hopes to trade it in should he get work in Urbana. If expecting combat, he wears a medium armor composed of hexagonal iron plates sewn onto a padded royal blue cloth shirt. The iron plates are lacquered in alternating bands of black and slate grey. He wears a half coat of grey wool trimmed in black, with his families crest stitched into the middle of his back. The crest is a kite shield patterned like a chess board, with a blue star burst in the center and a white raven in flight in the star burst. He wears straight legged trousers the same color as the coat, which have black bands running down the outside of the pant leg. The pants are tucked into fine black boots that reach mid calf. His primary weapon is a flail, with a head like a flanged teardrop. He keeps it coiled on his hip. He also has a longsword at his side, and his fathers pistol for ranged attacks.

Cress’ goals for coming to Urbana are to put his skills to the test, prove himself as a detective and arbiter, and to provide a good life for his family. He is a staunch opponent of tyrants, bullies, and anyone who uses force to lord over the weak. He sees himself as a protector and feels that since he has such a fine mind and abilities, that it is his duty to make the world a better place. Perhaps a great flaw is that he enjoys matching wits with those he considers his rivals or enemies.

Cress helps to take care of his family, being the man of the house now. He hopes to get a good job to help his family survive in this new city. His mother is a timid and quite woman, more so since her husbands death. She allows Cress to make many of the family decisions, hence why she didn’t fight him when he decided to move the family to Urbana. Her name is Massila.

Cress’ sister, Jacinda, is only a few years his junior. She is a headstrong and opinionated young elf, and she often lets her brother hear it. She didn’t wholeheartedly agree with the move, but now that they are in the big city, she has changed her tune. She hopes to get a job with her mother, but also wants to see and experience the sights and sounds of a new place, a safe place.

Cress also has two twin brothers, the elven equivalent of sixteen year olds. Both have begun to show some talent for magic, displaying a few minor spells. Cress hopes to find them both a wizarding mentor while in the city. The pair are studious when it comes to magic, devouring any magic tomes they can get their hands on, but also have an incorrigible mischievous streak. Their names are Saitho Daiso.

Cresstresser Talghetti

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