Thunderscape: The Cogswheel Irregulars

Bounty Collection

Hitsuki Zin and Stolen Property

The next morning the group awoke and went back to Cogswheel Station. Comander Shara Thale paid them their reward, but noted that it was nearly held up by the Eye. The party noted their own troubles from the Eye already, but shrugged it all off. Commander Thale then informed them that she had a priority mission for them. A former soldier named Hitsuki Zin had murdered a Yzeemite merchant in broad daylight. Thale’s personal dislike for golemoids shown through as she told them to deal with the problem.

The group started by searching for leads on her location. After several hours they narrowed her location down to a few rundown taverns in Tarello Landing. By the second one, they had found her and started formulating a plan. Castor climbed a building across the street for a vantage point while Dieterich waited on the street. Cresstresser Talghetti and Ling-feng Tsung waited till Hitsuki left and followed her out. No longer worried about bystanders, Cress demanded that she surrender. Her response was to shoot him with the rifle implanted in her arm.

Dieterich returned fire. Castor had a good sight on her and fired, taking out half of her face and nearly killing her. Cress moved in to act like a defensive wall while Ling readied an attack. With everyone gathered in close, Hitsuki released a blast of steam to scald them all, Dieterich taking the worst of it. As she tried to retreat back for a better shot, Cress caught her upside the head, taking her down. After Dieterich stabilized her, they halled her back to Cogswheel Station.

As they waited to see Commander Thale about their reward, another team of Irregulars passed them by. A half-elf asked them about their encounter with the Worgs before heading out on his own mission. Thale was pleased with the results and paid them promptly. She dismissed them, telling them that there were no more outstanding missions at the moment.

The party then left to spend their loot. Dieterich made his first stop at a temple to purchase some healing. The next stop was dinner. Feeling good, they returned to their tenement.

Things took a sour turn as they prepared to bed down for the night. Cress and Ling finally got clear look at Dieterich and realized his fallen nature. Cress was outraged to have a creature touched by the Darkfall living with his family. Silently, Dieterich left to sleep in the streets. Castor admonished the other two for their treatment of Dieterich, reminding them that he had saved their lives during the battle with the Worgs. Cress relented and let Castor fetch Dieterich back, but insisted in sleeping in the room with his family, separate from the fallen faerkin. They all had nightmares that night.

The next morning, they went back to Cogswheel Station. After a short wait, they were ushered in to see Commander Thale. She informed them that a big mission had just come in and she wanted them to work on it. It involved property stolen from a weaponsmith named Viridian Carmichael. She wanted to see if they could handle the investigation following the bungling of the kidnapping case she had sent them on. They were all uncomfortable when she mentioned the Eye and corrupted. Cress informed the others that Viridian was the weaponsmith for the Rusters and had a good reputation in his neighborhood. He had been working to rebuild his reputation after his former mentor, Farthric Wundren, refused to acknowledge Lord Urbane’s rulership and left the country.

When they arrived at his shot that sat on the border of Goldheart and Honor’s Foundary, Viridian closed his shop so they could talk. He showed them a picture of the sword that was stolen and informed them of its true nature. It was in fact the Royal Sword of Tarello that had been forged by his own mentor. He told them he had acquired it from a Yzeemite merchant. He wanted to present it to Lord Urbane as a gift. He told them that he would pay extra if they could keep the sword’s nature a secret.

The party started their investigation and found that nothing else had been stolen. Initially they asked if it was possible that the merchant had been involved, but Viridian doubted it after some thought. He also did not believe any of his assistants could have been involved. Then Cress suggested that his mentor could have wanted the sword back. Viridian was angry as he considered the possibility. He told them that he heard his mentor had been involved with Ghosts of Columbey.



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