Thunderscape: The Cogswheel Irregulars

The Moneylender

Debt Collection

After a night of rest and recovery the party returned to Cogswheel Station. When they reported what had happened on the previous mission, Cresstresser Talghetti spilled the beans about the involvement of the Eye and their helping Ircine and Darius escape. Comander Shara Thale was not pleased to learn of this and warned the party to be warry, that they had likely made a very powerful enemy. Her biggest concern, though, was the implication that a Darkfall cult was operating within Mekanus.

She then assigned the party a new mission. Filip Meerenjar, a moneylender, had reported two of his debt collection agents murdered by a mercenary named Gor Fulkash, the Worg. He asked that they come to see him for additional details. After handing over the writ, Commander Thale dismissed them too their task.

Once outside, Cress apologized for being so honest with the commander. Dieterich was the main dissenter, suggesting the truth might have been better kept between them. As they made their way to Shadowall, Cress explained that he knew a bit of Filip’s reputation as an honest, but aggressive businessman that charged high interest and used hired muscle to collect.

When they found Filip’s shop they discovered a rapacian standing guard outside and determined he was up to no good. Cress drew his pistol on the thug and demanded answers. When he revealed that they were with the Irregulars, the thug shouted something in rapacian and fled. Ling-feng Tsung dashed to the shop and opened the door to find two rapacians inside, trying to make off with a chest.

One of the thugs tried to hold Ling off as the large enforcer exited the back with a large chest. Ling rushed around to the side of the building and encountered the first thug. Castor dashed down an ally and took a shot at the one with the chest. Cress was left to deal with thug inside the shop and started to battle him, flail against halberd. Castor came in behind and used his powerful bite to finish Cress’s enemy.

Dieterich used his speed to move to intercept the rapacian that was fleeing with the chest. The giant rapacian just barreled past the small faerkin. Dieterich shot the rapacian in the back. Enraged, the rapacian dropped the chest, which gave and “Mmph” as it hit the ground, and drew his great ax. Dieterich was forced to fire and retreat as he forced his torment on the approaching menace.

Cress raced to see what was happening. Castor, being practical, shook the blood from his incisors and started to loot the rapacian thug’s body. Ling skewered the rapacian he was fighting then rushed to Dieterich’s aid. Trapped between the two, the large rapacian was quickly put down.

When Cress arrived, he identified the rapacian as Uruk Bekcar, a brutal legbreaker for the Grinvoj Syndicate. They discovered that Filip was actually locked inside of the safe. With a little work, Castor was was able to pick the lock and let the shaken faerkin out. They helped him back to his shop where he was very thankful to them and distraught at the mess the rapacian’s had made.

Settling down to business, Filip explained about the situation with Gor. He told them that the mercenary had killed two of his collectors and fled the city. The best clue he could offer was to check at an illegal brothel outside of the city named Fort Freedom. He answered what else he could, including that Gor had a pet worg named Precious, two to three henchmen, and favored the magmaxe in combat. Finally, as a thank you for saving his life, he gave the group a pouch of 200 gold crowns. After looting what was left of the rapacian’s equipment, the party continued their hunt.



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