Thunderscape: The Cogswheel Irregulars

Monkey Buisness

Monkey Buisness

The group met up at their tenament to see what their next mission was. A man named Roland Kartar in Old Town wanted his flying monkey’s recaptured. They had been reaking havoc on the district. He listed the number of monkey’s between two and four. The bounty was only for half as much if they were killed instead of captured.

Cresstresser Talghetti started working on stratagies. He wanted to get some rubberized amunition. Castor decided to get some tanglefoot bags. Meanwhile, Ling-feng Tsung consulted with a sage about the flying monkeys. He learned that they could summon more of their kind.

It was the next morning when the group left. They made their way across the city to Old Town. They found the streets a mess and largely deserted. They finally came across one of the monkey’s eating on a food cart. Castor rushed up and entangled the flying monkey. The gluey substance did not stop the flying monkey from summoning to more of its kind.

The flying monkeys proved far more troubling than they first suspected. They flung their feces at the group, covering them all. It proved quite nausating. More arrived and the group found themselves pressed from both sides. The flying monkeys had created primitive flails that were very dangerous. Tsung took half a dozen hits and was finally knocked out. Using bullets and tanglefoot bags the others were able to fight back, but were unsure of which flying monkeys were real and which were summoned.

Once he had dealt with what he figured was one of the real ones, Cress turned to help the others. Feeling overwhelmed, Dieterich started using lethal ammo. Castor administred a potion to Tsung, who then struck a lethal blow to the one that had taken him down. The flying monkeys were were starting to retreat. Dieterich chased after and shot the last of the flying monkeys out of the air. It fell to the ground with a splat, then when poof. A summoned one.

They bound the flying monkeys while Dieterich stabalized them. They then sought out Roland Kartar. He was happy to see them, though he admonished one flying monkey that he had named Ceaser. He paid them for four captured ones, but only half for the last one, thinking it was a summons. They agreed to that and headed back towards Smoketown.



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