Thunderscape: The Cogswheel Irregulars

Night Run

Stolen Property

The group continued to search for clues. They visited the mage, Gar Willet, who had cast the arcane lock on the chest. He was obviously nervous. After some prodding he admitted an elven woman with a stone golem had inquired about what he had seen. He had told her about seeing the sword. Checking some more they found a beggar named Zickle that had seen the same woman enter the back of the shop. Castor gave him a gold for helping. They told Viridian what they had found out and he recognized the woman as Aella Velrose. He told them that she is a member of the Ghosts of Columbey.

It was not easy, and took hours, but they were able to find her location eventually. They tracked her down to a tavern in Tarello Landing, the Western Hope. They went inside and posed as customers. When Aella Velrose came down for dinner they rented a room and went up stairs. Castor picked the lock to her room and slipped in to find the sword.

They started to slip out the window when they heard footsteps at their door. They had to hurry and got free just before the Ghosts burst in. Castor tossed a rope out the window and they all started to repel down. Cress had to toss his armor out to be able to fit through. They started to run with the Ghosts pursing them. Castor could not keep up, but told the others to go without him. He hid while the others ran on.

They met up again at Cogswheel Station. In the morning they headed to return the sword when the woman confronted them. She told them of how she hoped to free Columbey from Urbanus. After some discussion, they handed the sword over to her and agreed to help her get it out of the city.



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